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    Inupathy is a communication device to give you the opportunity to communicate with your dog.

    Inupathy tells you messages from your dog displayed in 5 colors. Inupathy is the first device in the world which is equipped with technology to visualize your dog’s status from his/her heart rate information. This product will give you new awareness about daily small messages from your dog such as joy and stress as well as deepen mutual understanding and love. When you go out for a walk, watch TV or take a nap together, let’s take your time to read messages from your dog and find many moments when ‘happy’ signs shine on Inupathy.

    Bring new friendship

    Inupathy changes your daily life with your dog

    About Product


    Find out your dogs’ feeling

    The device on your dog’s back shines in different colors and tells you messages in real time such as “relaxed”, “excited”, “happy”, “interested” and “stressed”.


    Check the log on the App

    Let’s see how your dog’s feelings have changed over time by comparing today with yesterday, this week with last week and this month with last month. Let’s get to know dog’s feelings further by comparing them with other dogs’.


    Easy to wear!

    A heart rate sensor is installed in the belt. The signals detected there are reflected on the colors and lightings of the LED on the dog’s back in real time.


    How did your relationship changed?

    I thought my dog doesn't like dog parks.
    When I looked at other dogs wearing Inupathy in a dog run, Inupathy displayed the color for "Happy." I imagined playing with other dogs is the reason for dogs have fun at dog parks but actually it depends on the individual dog.
    They receive our compassion.
    During the walk, while my dog was sniffing along the roadside he bumped his head against an electric pole. I asked him gently, “Are you all right?” Then, Inupathy shone in the color of "Happy," though his face looked uneasy. I could feel he answered me “It’s okay.”
    You can notice small changes in your dog’s heart
    When I was organizing my luggage, my bag suddenly hit my dog’s butt, and at that moment “Stress” displayed on Inupathy. Then when I said "I'm sorry!" the display changed to "Happy".
    I realized that people and dogs feel and think the same way.
    It was just me, the owner, who didn't feel like a challenge not my dog.
    My dog came to look uneasy after he experienced another dog yapping at him in a park.
    Since then we avoid parks. However, when we took up a challenge of walking in the park, many ‘Happy’ signs displayed with Inupathy.
    My dog was physically weak and often going to the hospital, so I tended to restrict his activities out of caution. But Inupathy made me realize that my dog actually may want a challenge more often.
    I am very happy that my dog and I can decide things together.
    We went to buy a snack for my dog at the snack corner of a home center. I couldn’t find a snack which Inupathy displayed “Happy” in the end but shopping became more fun as I felt we could decide her snack together.
    My family and dog became closer
    Previously our dog spent most of the time only with my husband in his room.
    After buying Inupathy, both our family and dog could better understand each others feelings and we started spending more time together in the living room. I believe our dog has always wanted to get along with everyone rather than staying in my husband’s room.
    We thought our dog likes listening to my daughter singing…
    My daughter loves to sing songs. We always thought our dog was happy to hear her songs. However, Inupathy displayed ‘Stress’, so we all laughed a lot. My daughter was a little shocked, but then she was glad to find out our dog is happy just to be with her, as Inupathy displayed “Happy” and “Relax,” when my daughter was around the dog.
    Despite my dog's inexpressive face...
    Our dog is from a shelter. From past experience, he doesn’t wag his tale, bark or whine much. I wasn't sure what he was thinking, but when I put him on Inupathy, it showed that his feelings were changing a lot such as “Happy” and “Excited” etc. I hope I can find more about his way of expression.


    How do you estimate dogs’ emotion?

    When a dog gets nervous, its heartbeat gets faster. This happens due to the activation of its sympathetic nerves when a dog becomes active. We have found out dogs’ feelings in more detail by studying and analyzing heartbeat changes of dogs.

    Our Technology (patented in Japan and U.S.A.)
    “Body Sound Microphone”; Our microphone responds only sounds inside the body, and shuts out sounds external sounds from the surrounding.
    “Heartbeat Detection System”; Our unique noise canceling technology removes noise from the sound, and extracts heart beat.
    “Analysis Algorithm”; Our algorithm estimates dogs’ mood from detailed analysis of heartbeat rhythm.

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