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LANGLESS launched a pet market interview research support service for corporations. Supporting the realization of pet-first product development using vital data

Pets are becoming more part of the family all over the world, and is increasing its importance to design services to ensure that it can be used without discomfort.

In this service, we design the survey contents and interview targets together with each company, and conduct a marketing research output about the pet market. Each company will be able to reflect the voices of customers who truly love their pets as their family members and who are trying to improve their lives with their pets. In addition to our network of pet trainers and experts we will be able to accelerate R&D and differentiation of existing products for corporations, by conducting interviews with Inupathy users with whom we have a deep and regular relationship.

Through product development to date, we have learned that unlike humans, who make decisions based on visual information, animals have different characteristics. In addition to utilizing biometric information that quickly indicates the mental and physical state of pets, we would like to realize a more pet-first society together with pet owners and partners who want to improve the future with their pets.

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