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The new app (iOS) has been released.

The new Inupathy app was released first on July 28, 2020.
(The previous iOS and Android apps will still be available.)

■ Click here to download it.

Application Overview
A device that can read your dog’s mind and tell you in five different colors!

Inupathy” is a wearable device for dogs in the form of a harness.

All you have to do is press the power button and put it on your dog.

By connecting to the app via Bluetooth, daily health-related data can be stored.

What you can do with the Inupathy app

Inupathy device is required to use this application.

You can check your mental health status in real time with this app.

Fat: Equipped with a function to analyze your mind in more detail than a device.

Fat: If you shoot a video, you can save the memories of your feelings as well.

Equipped with emotionally appropriate video effects.

Characteristics of Inupathy

Fat: The world’s first sensor that can detect a heartbeat without hair removal.

Fatigue and heart rate fluctuation analysis enables you to see how your mind is changing in real time.

Fat: You can log your daily state of mind by connecting your device to the app.

“This makes you happy.” “This makes you feel safe.

Please find a lot of happiness from your dog’s perspective.

We would be happy to use Inupathy in the lives of you and your dog.


For more information about Inupathy, please visit sales@inupathy.com


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